Janet’s Plan-its 2016 Digital Calendars

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The digital version of Janet’s Plan-its 2016 Quick & Easy Astrology Calendar by Janet Booth is available for purchase and instant download here.

Customers are reporting they had an easy time downloading the ebook and they’re loving it!

Scroll down to view all options.

When you click the green PURCHASE button, you’ll go through PayPal to pay. You don’t need a PayPal account and even when it asks you if you want to enter a password to expedite future orders, that’s optional and would sidetrack you from your download. Once the payment is complete, promptly click the yellow-orange ASTROLOGY BOOTH button to return here for your download. A message advises the download is “not secure.” This means there is no license key required to open the file. It is perfectly safe to download it and your encrypted payment went through securely. The download will go into your computer or device in the default area for any type of download.

Printable PDF

If you want to read on-screen and be able to print nicely formatted pages, choose this Printable PDF. 131 pages, 8-1/2 X 11 (NOTE: the photograph cover is not included.) This version does not have live links to websites.

$9.98 – Add to Cart Excluding 1% tax

All these other versions have hyperlinks to connect to resources online.

PDF recommended for viewing if you don’t have a special e-reader device; 201 pages, not formatted for easy printing

$9.98 – Add to Cart Excluding 1% tax


Kindle format (NOTE: Many e-reader devices can read Kindle books by downloading a Kindle app.)

$9.98 – Add to Cart Excluding 1% tax


ePub for other e-reader devices (including i-products)


$9.98 – Add to Cart Excluding 1% tax


All digital versions of the calendar cost $ 9.98 (US).  The  1% tax is added for downloads to Connecticut customers only.

Due to popular demand, a paperback is in development. It will be priced at $19.97 and will be ready to order SOON at AstrologyBooth.com. (This Astrology Book Club page is only for the digital downloads.)

After downloading, you’re invited back to AstrologyBooth.com to read, study, shop or sign up to follow Janet’s blogs. GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!

All calendars include a coupon code for $25 off any service from Janet (products excluded). One per customer. Expires 12/31/16.

Thanks to Stéphane Guisard for permission to use his photograph of the northern lights on the cover. See his fantastic work at sguisard.astrosurf.com.

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2 Responses to Janet’s Plan-its 2016 Digital Calendars

  1. Beth Turnage says:

    Janet’s daily guide is the best thing aside from an astrology reading to help plan your days!

  2. Hi Janet! So excited to see your new site and new digital options to your incredible calendar! This offers me so many options!
    Mary Anna Abuzahra


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