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The Best of Astrology Explored~Yods

From the files of astrologer Beth Turnage comes a compilation of articles about the aspect structure the Yod. Called by many the Finger of God, Yods have a powerful effect whether resting inside your natal chart or by touching your chart through transits. In this eBook Beth explains and illustrates how Yods work in your natal chart, your life and the world at large.
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Venus in Scorpio~Pieces of Rose

Scorpio is the most mysterious of signs. When Venus moves into this magnetic and seductive sign, our love lives can take a turn down some darker passages. For natives born with Venus in Scorpio, life is a mad drive to understand the forces of the Universe. Such deep currents are difficult to understand and Scorpio does not yield its secrets willingly.

The rose is a symbol of physical passion and pure expression of love. To get to the sexual core of the rose, one would pull off the petals. In many weddings roses petals, pieces of rose, are thrown in the path of the bride as she walks down the aisle. In this article we will strip down the rose to its core, examining the pieces of rose as we get to the heart of the meaning of Venus in Scorpio. To do this we will look at the enduring myths surrounding ancient mystery religions.

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