Janet’s Plan-its 2017 Quick and Easy Astrology Calendar ebook

This is the digital version of Janet’s Plan-its 2017 Astrology Calendar for various ebook devices, with the essentials for planning your busy life. (There is a separate Kindle version.) Day ratings and daily guidance, weekly Highlights, Star Pages (like footnotes), the Best and Worst Days List and links to online resources help you “seize the right day!”

Seize the right day! Astrologer Janet Booth explains the planetary influences, recommending favorable times for your important plans in this unique astrology calendar/almanac, drawing on her 37+ years of experience. Janet’s Plan-its has been in print for 17 years. Like a cosmic weather report covering conditions affecting everyone regardless of one’s zodiac sign, Janet’s Plan-its appeals to novices, students and professionals. Readers use it to the depth of their astrological knowledge. Customers say, “ingenious,” “easy-to-use daily guide,” and “exactly what I want in an astrology calendar!” A list of the best and worst days for various activities is invaluable for scheduling. Each day is rated as to its ease or challenges with a message suggesting what energies may be encountered or utilized. Times (in Eastern and Pacific) when the Moon enters a new sign or begins a condition called Void of Course are noted. Weekly highlights give an overview of the current factors. When planets enter signs, change the direction of their apparent motion, or connect with other planets in special ways, these are explained in the Star Pages (similar to footnotes) along with examinations of New and Full Moons and Eclipses. Resources and links for further exploration are included. BONUS: coupon for $25 savings on Janet’s astrological services. Suitable for North American time zones only.

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