Janet’s Daily Plan-its 2018

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Janet’s Daily Plan-its 2018 digital ebook by Janet Booth is available for purchase and instant download here. Scroll down to view the format options.

Seize the RIGHT day! Find favorable times for your important plans in this unique forecast calendar by astrologer Janet Booth. Drawing on her 37+ years of experience, this is her 18th Janet’s Plan-its (5th year for ebooks). Like a cosmic weather report covering influences affecting everyone regardless of one’s zodiac sign, Janet’s Plan-its appeals to novices, students and professionals. Readers use it to the depth of their astrological knowledge.


  • day ratings and daily messages
  • tables for each month showing all the day ratings – a handy new feature! – AND all 12 month tables grouped for a quick flick to find a good day
  • Best & Worst Days list (now with asterisks to indicate days with Moon Void of Course)
  • Highlights for the Signs – another new item
  • Commentary – contains sections on major and minor aspects, planets out of bounds, mutual receptions, high points and low points of the year, and more (somewhat similar to prior calendars’ Star Pages, although not a detailed chronological run-down)
  • list of Moon’s sign and when Void of Course begins
  • list of planets entering signs
  • links to online resources

Day ratings and messages are geared for North American time zones only.

Customers of prior Janet’s Plan-its – Note: this calendar does not include weekly highlights nor extensive write-ups of New and Full Moons. Hopefully, for that type of coverage, you’ll get on the free eNewsletter list (contact Janet to request this), enjoy Janet’s blogs or watch her LOOKING UP show, now on YouTube. The December 2017 show, 2018: Time to Get Serious, gives an overview of the year.


Purchase using the device into which you want to download the digital file. After the file downloads, you can then enjoy it offline.

Shop using the device into which you want to download the ebook. Select your desired format and click on the green product button. Fill in the required information. When you click the green PURCHASE button, you’ll be conducted to PayPal to pay. You don’t need a PayPal account and even when it asks you if you want to enter a password to expedite future orders, that’s optional. Once the payment is complete, promptly click the yellow-orange button marked ASTROLOGY BOOTH to return here to download your file.

Kindle format (NOTE: Many e-reader devices can read Kindle books by downloading a Kindle app.)

ePub for other e-reader devices (including i-products)

PDF paginated for printing yourself (has links to websites)

All digital versions of the calendar cost $8.99 (US).

After downloading, you’re invited to AstrologyBooth.com, Janet’s main website, to read, study, shop or sign up to follow Janet’s blogs. Enter your email in the footer of any page there to receive a free email every morning with the day’s rating and message from Janet’s Plan-its.

Thanks to Steve Alexander for permission to use his photograph of a crop circle in Hampshire, England. See his fantastic work at temporarytemples.co.uk.

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